About iNode

Bluetooth Low Energy ® - wireless thermometers, pressure and humidity sensors, accelerometers and  magnetometers.
We would like to introduce a family of iNode devices working in the BLE.

Our devices are capable of:
  • these are mainly battery device.
  • work without battery replacement for up to 12 months, depending on the type of application and usage.
  • have memory for logging events, readings of measurements, etc.
  • contain precise temperature, humidity sensors, accelerometer or magnetometer which allow home automation control, care of older persons or vehicle detection.
  • as a remote control device, although a small power consumption, have a large range and features unavailable to other competitive facilities - password protection, AES encryption, control directly from the smartphone with BT 4.0.
  • a unique encryption technology ensures the safety of the JPEG images recorded by our cameras.
  • BT4.0 - LAN or BT4.0 - GSM gatways connect iNode sensors with the Internet.
iNode can also help to control the movement of people or goods, saving the time of appearance and disappearance (active RFID ® long range). New features related to the development of the product is also not a problem – this allows to remote firmware update with PC or smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0 ® and Low Energy Bluetooth enabled ® (Smart Bluetooth ®).
Configuration software work on Windows and Linux. Additional applications are available for Android, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10.0.

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