How real is a range of up to 200 m in an open field?

The range was measured in an open area, away from any Wi-Fi networks without any obstacles between the transmitter and the receiver. The criterion was receiving at least 1 in 10 frames, in passive scan mode. The frames were sent by the transmitter every 100 ms.

The receiving distance of iNode tags with 8dBm TX power is the same as our 4 dBm beacons.

Please remember that in case of active scanning , when you need advertisement frame and scan response frame, the distance depends also on receiver's TX power and is determined by less value from TX power of transmitter and receiver. You can also compare a RSSI from different tags or switch scan to passive mode. The best solution for receiving BLE frames is iNode Serial Transceiver or iNode LAN which can be configured to passive or active scan. Its TX power can be up to +8dBm and ratio scan window / scan interval  is 100 %.

Does the iNode Setup application work in Linux with Bluetooth Low Energy devices?

It is possible using Wine. We have tested it in practice using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Wine 1.9.3.
Additionaly you need iNode Serial Transceiver USB and/or iNode LAN.

In case of iNode Serial Transceiver USB you have to figure out what device your iNode Serial Transceiver USB is. It should be something like /dev/ttyUSB0:

- plug in the transceiver, and then run ls -al /dev/ttyU* in terminal you can easily find it.
- create in .wine/dosdevices folder symbolic link: sudo ln -s /dev/ttyUSB0 com1
- in iNodeSetup.exe program folder create a file interfaces.txt which contains: COM1

In case of iNode LAN you should configure nothing.

Now, iNodeSetup.exe will work with  iNode Serial Transceiver USB and/or iNode LAN. You should only choose COM1 or iNode LAN and press button to search BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices in your neigbourhood.

We don't know how to use BT4.0 USB dongle in Wine.

In case of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS the Wine 2.0 + Wine Gecko 2.4.7 + Wine Mono 4.5.6 are required. Wine Mono 4.6.4 which replaces .NET 4.0 environment contains an error and application iNode Hub Server will not work. You should uninstall it and install version 4.5.6 from file wine-mono4.5.6.msi. Wine installation process is described here: How to Install Wine 2.0. Stable in Ubuntu 16.04


I am starting to develop the software of the iNode LAN with my team. I try to find out the API on the website but I cannot find out one for development.

More information about our products you can find at our technical support service http://suppport.elsat.com.pl/    user: inode without the password. In section Pliki/WIKI there is a file hci_cmd.zip which contains sample of hci communication. At the product page there is a link to a product manual. Explanation of WebSocket communication using hci commands you can find in section Pliki/HTML/ iNodeMonitor1.5.zip. The same hci commands can be used to communicate with iNode LAN through the TCP/IP socket at port 5500. Besides of this the iNode LAN broadcasts UDP multicast datagrams with BLE advertisement frames by default. Sample of this kind of communication you can find in Section Pliki/Python or Pliki/Bash.

Information about iNode Care Sensors you can find at:

At GitHub there are following Node.js projects:
https://github.com/morkai/h5.bluetooth.hci.inode - library for parsing frames iNode BLE, iNode LAN and iNode Care GSM
https://github.com/morkai/h5.modbus.inode - library for MODBUS servers gathering data from iNode LAN
https://github.com/morkai/inode-server - an application using above libraries and gathering data from iNode LAN and iNode Care GSM. Access using HTTP and MODBUS (RPI3).

https://github.com/ewojtach/RPiScripts/blob/master/readTempAndMotionDetector.sh - simple bash script for the iNode CS #1.

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