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iNode Energy Meter is a wireless water usage monitor with built-in memory where the results are saved, even every 1 minute. It is designed primarily for home automation. Analysis of daily consumption may help reduce the cost of  water consumption by choosing better matched fares and changing the habits of users.

Measured energy counters: minute and total are broadcasted (live usage monitoring) with a period of 0.32 to 10 seconds (can be set using iNodeSetup.exe).

Available in two versions: with photo detector element (electrical energy meters), magnetic field sensor or reflective one (for water meters).

The iNode Energy Meter  can be used in Home Automation to work with existing elements. You can use for this miniature computer Raspberry Pi 2 or Pi 3 running the script in Python (iNode-LAN) or Bash (BlueZ and BT4.0 USB adapter).  Running on a Raspberry Pi 2 or Pi 3 Python or Bash script (easy to modify only in a text editor because it does not require compilation) receives the data and analyse them. It can send them further to virtual sensors of Domoticz Home Automation System or to the collection of data and their visualization. Both Domoticz and ThingSpeak are free, while the sample script is available for download on (user: inode without a password).

A daily usage chart from the iNode Energy application:

screen inode__monitor

Technical info:

Bluetooth Low Energy:

  • configurable from your PC:
    • the power with which the device operates in the range of-18 dBm + 8 dBm (maximum range up to 200 m in open space);
    • the name of the device;
    • unit of measurement: kWh, m³;
    • the meter constant;
    • the total counter value;
    • the password of the user;
    • the password to access the device; independent of the user's password, the password for the authorization application on the smartphone or PC (protects against its copying and use by another client);

Power supply:

  • the battery CR2032;


  • plastic;
  • dimensions: Ø 32 mm x 9.5 mm;


  • remote firmware update;
  • two LEDs;
  • temperature sensor with a resolution of 1°C;
  • operating temperature: from -30 to 65 °C;
  • humidity: 20-80 % RHG;
  • weight: 5 g;

Additional magnetic field sensor (version with magnetic field sensor):

  • sensitivity:
    • 700μT typ., 1100 μT max.;
  • type:
    • omnipolar sensing: activates with either pole from a magnet;
  • frequency:
    • 5 Hz max.;


  • the battery CR2032;


  • Windows NT/XP/Vista/7.0/8.0/8.1/10.0;
  • Linux;



PDF DocumentInstruction manual for the iNode Energy Meter.


Apps for ANDROID and WINDOWS. Application iNodeSetup.exe works on Windows with Bluetooth adapter based on chipset CSR8510 or the iNode Serial Transceiver USB, iNode LAN. On Linux the iNode Serial Transceiver USB and/or iNode LAN is needed and e.g. Ubuntu with Wine installed (described in FAQ section).

Current firmware for iNode products is available at our technical support service:
user: inode
without a password


  • Reducing water bills
  • Daily analysis of water consumption
  • Home Automation


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