The accuracy of the moisture measurement by iNode Care sensors is from ±2% RH. Each Si70xx sensor is calibrated under controlled temperature and relative humidity conditions - Certificate of Calibration  All sensors include the memory (data logger) for results of measurement.

Data from them can be sent to the virtual system sensor Domoticz Home Automation or to the site collecting data and their visualization Both Domoticz and ThingSpeak are free, while the sample script is available for download on support (user: inode without a password).

iNode Care Sensor HT (Si7021) accuracy    ±0.3°C/±0.4°C (typ./max.) -10°C do +85°C / 2%RH/±3%RH (typ./max.) 0% do 80% ; resolution: ±0.01°C / ±0,025%RH

iNode Care Sensor PHT (Si7021/LPS25HB) :   accuracy±0.3°C/±0.4°C (typ./max.) -10°C do +85°C / 2%RH/±3%RH (typ./max.) 0% do 80% /  ±0.1 hPa (typ.)  P = 800 do 1100 hPa, T= 25°C; resolution: ±0.01°C / ±0.025%RH / ±0.0625 hPa

There are also sensors that measure only temperature:


iNode Care Sensor TC (MCP9600) supports 8 thermocouple types (K, J, T, N, S, E, B and R) :  accuracy -1.5°C/±0.5°C/+1.5°C (min./typ./max.) 0°C to +85°C; resolution: ±0,0625°C

iNode Care Sensor T (MCP9844):  accuracy±1°C/±3°C (typ./max.) -40°C to +125°C; resolution: ±0.0625°C
iNode Care Sensor T (Si7051)accuracy ±0.1°C/±0.25°C (typ./max.) -40°C to +125°C; resolution: ±0.01°C
iNode Care Sensor T (Si7053)
accuracy ±0.2°C/±0.3°C (typ./max.) -40°C to +125°C; resolution: ±0.01°C
iNode Care Sensor T (Si7055)
accuracy ±0.4°C/±0.5°C (typ./max.) -40°C to +125°C; resolution: ±0.01°C 


or temperature and pressure:

iNode Care Sensor PT (LPS25HB) : accuracy ±2°C (typ.) 0°C do +65°C/ ±0.1 hPa (typ.)  P = 800 do 1100 hPa, T= 25°C ;resolution: 480LSB / °C/ ±0.0625 hPa 


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